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9am Small Group Bible Study
10:30am Worship
4:30pm Small Group Topical Studies
5pm Children's Choirs
6pm Worship
5:30pm Family Night Supper
5:45pm Orchestra Rehearsal
6:30pm Adult Prayer Meeting
6:30pm RA's GA's Mission Friends
6:30pm Worship Choir Rehearsal
6:30pm Youth Gathering

First Baptist of Gautier
9:15 a.m.

  Attending a small group of FBCG gives you an opportunity to interact with others as we study the Bible.
Our teachers present lessons that challenge each of us weekly on how to apply God’s word to living lif
Bed babies toddlers
Threes and fours class

First and Second Grade
Third and Fourth Grade
Fifth and Sixth Grade

Seventh and Eighth Grade
Ninth and Tenth Grade
Eleventh and Twelfth Grade



“Bible Studies for Life” a study of various Scripture passages with strong life application

Systemic study of the Bible using the Bible as primary text
“Standard Lesson Quarterly” a topical Bible study focused on real-life application of God’s Word.

“Explore the Bible” a verse-by-verse study of one book of the Bible at a time, digging deeply into the text to find meaning and application.






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MATTHEW 28:19-20

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”
Young Adult Department – Matt Johnson
Singles and Couples 20’s to 40’s
Children’s ages from birth to teens
The department of younger singles and couples enjoys fellowship as well as relevant Bible Study. Many in the class have children and most members work outside of the home. The department meets as a whole at times and at other times studies of the Word in smaller breakout groups. Weekly gatherings feature and encouraging and challenging application of Biblical Truth as well as the opportunity for fellowship and mutual support of one another. The department also engages in regular fellowship events outside of Sunday morning doings such things as game night or movie night – sometimes with the children and sometimes as an “adults only” event. (Standard Lesson)

Getting Real – Howard/James
Co-Ed Singles and Couples, 30’s to 50’s
Children ages from birth to adults
This class strives to address common, everyday life problems and seek Biblical solutions to them. The members consistently support and encourage one another both in class and outside of the class. ( Systematic Study of Bible)

About Faith – Foster/Tingle
Co-Ed Singles and Couples, 40’s to 60’s
Children’s ages teens to adults
Many members work in the schools as teachers, aids and other staff. Members also work in non-educational clerical positions and are active in the community as athletic coaches. Many members enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and running. Class members are active in many areas of church life as well. (Bible Studies for Life)

Sanctuary – Ron Sharpless
Co-Ed Singles and Couples, 40’s to 80’s
Adult age children
The fellowship in this class is unparalleled. The members enjoy vibrant discussion around the lesson topic each week. The class is very active outside of class serving in the church and sharing fellowship time as well. (Explore the Bible)

Young At Heart – Gaston/Ely
Co-Ed Singles and Couples, 50’s-90’s
Adult age children
Class members are actively involved in ministry throughout the church. Members are couples as well as widows and widowers. Many of the members have grandchildren and enjoy sharing stories of their exploits with others in the class. (Explore the Bible)

Young Seniors – Lofton/Johns
Co-Ed Singles and Couples
Adult age children
Most of the members are retirees and like to travel. The members enjoy vibrant discussions weekly on the lesson and share a wealth of Biblical knowledge and depth. They also enjoy sharing about their children and grandchildren. (Explore the Bible)

Joy – Haygood/Baxter
Ladies, 40’s – 80’s
Adult age children
The average age of the class is 60; however members are very active both in the church and community. Some members are raising grandchildren but the majority of the class have adult children. The class enjoys studying the Bible in class and individually as well as sharing fellowship times together. (Explore the Bible)
Rejoice – Lawrence/Woodruff
Ladies, 40’s – 80’s
Children’s ages teen to adult
The members believe strongly in ministering to others and are very active in church. They are also very active in their class through Bible Study and fellowship opportunities outside of the class hour. (Explore the Bible)

New Beginnings with Faith – Ann McDaniel
Ladies, 60’s – 90’s
Adult age children
While older in age, these ladies are still quite active in church and community programs. Most of them own and utilize computers, email, smartphones, and texting. Most of these ladies, retired, now have been employed in the workforce in the past. These ladies know God’s Word and have great discussions while studying the lesson each week. (Explore the Bible)

Loose Cannons – Loftus/Price
Men’s, 50’s – 70’s
Adult Children
The men of this class come from varied backgrounds but share a common love of the Lord and desire to know more about him. The members are very outspoken and lively discussion occurs weekly during the lesson sharing. These men are very active in our church life and the life of the community. (Systematic Study of the Bible)

Men’s Bible Study – Walter Green
Men, 50’s – 80’s
Adult age children
Taking a conservative approach to Biblical interpretation, this class of Christian men enjoys discussing the lesson each week and sharing with one another as they seek to grow deeper in the Word. (Explore the Bible)


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