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Growing and Loving Sisters G.A.L.S
Colossions 3:14-17

PURPOSE:  To serve God by reaching and disciple-ling ladies for Christ as we encourage spiritual growth

VISION STATEMENT:  To be intentional ladies for God in our desire to grow in word, in stature and in deed as we demonstrate God's love by the way we live and to create an environment of discipleship and growth within the girls and ladies of FBCG and the community where we are planted.

MISSION STATEMENT:  We will accomplish this through Bible studies, mentoring, encouragement, fellowships, and service within the church and community.

Are you and the women you know being pulled in a thousand directions at once?
Do you want to stop living for other people and start living intentionally for God?

The Lady's Ministry of FBCG believes wholeheartedly that God will transform us from ordinary to extraordinary women after God's own heart when we become INTENTIONAL about our relationship with God.
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